Rise and Shine: Create Your Ideal Morning Routine

Create Your Morning Routine

The way you start the morning can either make or break your day! Imagine waking up each day with a purposeful morning routine tailored just for you.

I’ve been on a journey, experimenting with various morning rituals inspired by “The Miracle Morning” book. The process wasn’t always smooth, but through lots of tweaks and pivots, I learned how to create a morning routine that truly works for me and my family.

Coaching Questions to Help You Create Your Ideal Morning Routine:

  1. What stresses you out in the morning? Unpack these stressors and brainstorm solutions to make your mornings less hectic.
  2. How do you want to feel in the morning? Your feelings matter! Envision the emotions you want to cultivate at the start of each day.
  3. If you had unlimited time, what would you LOVE to do in the morning? Identify the habits and activities that would bring you joy and fulfillment as you start the day.

Grab your journal, dive into these questions with God, and experience the power of creating your ideal morning routine. Remember, it’s something that will need to be revisited. What works for you in one season might not work in the next. Thankfully these same questions can be used anytime you need to create a new morning routine.

Share your insights in the comments below. What’s working in your morning routine? Let’s inspire each other to create mornings that set the tone for a remarkable day!

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