Join the iBloom Intern Team

Imagine what it would be like to…

Be in your sweet spot – doing what you LOVE to do, 

becoming the best version of yourself, 

while also being part of an incredible team of like-hearted women 

who are on a mission to make a difference in the world?

Sounds pretty amazing, right?!

Hi! I’m Kelly Thorne Gore, iBloom’s Founder & President. I’m so glad you’re here!

Have you ever had a wake-up call moment? That’s exactly what 2023 was for me as I spent much of the year on bed rest and doing all I could to heal my body of a life- threatening illness. It was an opportunity to assess what matters most and the impact I want to have in the world.

And, it all brought me back to iBloom. I started iBloom 18 years ago with the purpose to inspire women to be who God created them to be. It’s evolved and transformed over the years.

Today, iBloom is the faith-based personal development company for women. We are on a mission to empower women to live their one life to the fullest. Our dream customer is a woman seeking a tribe of like-hearted inspiring women who share her passion for faith, personal growth, and making a positive impact in the world. 

We have a big vision to get my new book My One Life: Unleashing My Potential to Impact the World (releasing in September 2024) into the hands of one million women. We know that when you impact a woman it ripples a positive impact into her family, friends, church, and community.

This vision is far bigger than us, so we’re launching an iBloom Intern Program. This is ideal for those who believe in our mission and want to have an active role in bringing it to life.

We have remote, flexible, part-time intern positions available in the following areas:

These are unpaid, volunteer positions.
However, we recognize the incredible value you’d bring to our team as an intern and we want you to feel recognized and rewarded for your contributions.

As an iBloom Intern, you’ll have access to:

Monthly Life & Business Coaching / Mentorship + Mastermind with iBloom Founder, Kelly Thorne Gore (valued at $20,000).

Gaining valuable experience in your chosen field + glowing recommendations and referrals as you do an excellent job.

A special coupon code where you can share discounts with family

Collaborating and being part of a supportive team of like-minded women who are committed to making a difference.

iBloom products and services to support your personal and professional growth.
This includes Kelly’s new book, My One Life (coming in September)
iBloom Planner
My One Life Retreat
September iBloom Event + Dreamer Community Retreat in Lexington, KY
Dreamer Community Mastermind
Kelly’s Personal Growth Book Club
December Virtual Retreat
(Valued at $2,500)

If you're ready to be part of something bigger than yourself and want to join a team that's changing lives, we want to hear from you! Apply now to become an iBloom Intern and help us spread love, hope, and inspiration everywhere.

Together, let's bloom and thrive!

Questions? Feel free to reach us at

Let's make a difference together!