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iBloom Dream·er

/īblo͞om drēmər/

A woman who wants to use her one and only life for a purpose. She knows God’s dreams for her life. She intentionally lives into her priorities and makes times for the things that matter most. She loves being part of a community filled with like-minded women who will support and encourage her as she grows into her fullest potential. She believes in the mission God has given her and works at it with all her heart.

Does this sound like you or someone you desire to be?

If so, the iBloom Dreamer Community is perfect for you!

Here’s what you can expect as a member of the iBloom Dreamer Community:

  • My One Life Course – you’ll start with this course because it will help you discover God’s dreams for your life and how you can live a life of purpose. Through an 8-module video course + coaching workbook, I’ll guide you through a step-by-step process of creating your personal success plan. Imagine what it will be like to wake up every day with joy, knowing your purpose, and what you need to do to intentionally live it out. That’s exactly what is happening for women who have completed the course.
  • Weekly Check-Ins – In the iBloom Dreamer Community, you’ll find the accountability, support, and encouragement you desire to make your dreams a reality! Each week there is a check-in post where you can share specifically what you’ll be doing to work toward your dreams that week. This allows us to pray for you, offer support & encouragement, and then celebrate with you when it’s done.
  • Weekly Celebrations – Every Friday, we have a PARTY in our iBloom Dreamer Community! It’s a time to CELEBRATE the work you’ve done to work toward your dreams. And, it will allow your fellow iBloom Dreamers to celebrate with you!
  • Weekly Trainings – Each week, we host a live training (or you can watch the recording) where we’ll teach a mindset or productivity strategy that will keep you focused and working toward your dreams.


How you’ll feel when you’re confident, intentionally living into your priorities, fulfilling your purpose, and LOVING life. Now, think about how those in your life who will be positively impacted because you chose to make this transformation.

That’s the life that is waiting for you!

God put those dreams in your heart for a purpose. He wants to use YOU to make a difference. He wants you to be confident, intentionally living into your priorities, fulfilling your purpose, and LOVING life!

This is your opportunity to transform your life. Don’t stay stuck in the exact spot you’ve been in for years and regretting what could have been.

Yes, this is a personal transformation, but it will impact the lives of so many more – your husband, kids, family, friends, community, and all who will cross your path.


iBloom Dreamer Monthly Membership

iBloom Dreamer Monthly Membership

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