A Glimpse into My WHY

Having a compelling WHY is so important. It’s what keeps you motivated and working toward your goals on those really hard days, those days that you don’t “feel” it, and it gives you that extra push on the days when you’re feeling great.

Eleven years ago when I started iBloom, my WHY was a desire to make a difference in women’s lives. Then, it was also to provide for my growing family. My most recent version includes all of those previous things, but God has also really been refining and stretching me. He’s showing me much bigger dreams that I ever fathomed.

I want to give you a glimpse into my WHY, so you can see what really motivates me as the leader of iBloom. Here’s my most recent vision board that articulates my WHY.

It all begins with the MIDDLE.

  • This is my precious family and some of our important priorities.
  • My health is vital. If I’m not healthy, energized, and functioning at my best, then it’s impossible for me to be my best for others. I’ve spent the last few years investing in ME and that’s allowing me to live fully into the things that matter most. One of my goals for the year is to be in the best shape of my life. I’m so grateful for our iBloom Health Challenges that are helping me pursue the healthy lifestyle I want.
  • Freedom is “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.” In this season of my life with young children, I want to be available for my family. I want to be able to work limited hours in the summer, so we can enjoy our time together. I don’t want many set commitments. I want to live my best life in all areas of my life.
  • I want to go on a honeymoon with my hubby! We’ve been married 7 years, but haven’t officially taken our honeymoon. When we got married, by dad had a terminal illness, so we canceled our honeymoon to invest in my family and then I miraculously got pregnant. I’m sooo looking forward to a week away with my hubby at the beach in an all-inclusive resort.
  • Vehicles don’t really motivate me. However, helping women accomplish their goals absolutely does! In Plexus, in order to receive a free Lexus, you must hit the rank of Emerald. And, to get to Emerald, then I would have helped a lot of amazing women hit their goal. So, in this case, a car is absolutely motivating to me.
  • I want to help women transform their health, life, and finances. And, as we influence these areas that can often be huge stressors it allows women to live their best life. I want to partner with and invest in “Moms who are changing the world!” And, that leads to the LEFT side.

The LEFT side is all about making a difference. God has recently given me a vision of being a Philanthropist. A Philanthropist is “one who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.” My husband and I have always been passionate about giving generously, but lately God has really taken it up a notch. There are many nonprofits doing work that we’re really passionate about and we want to support. However, there are at least five nonprofits that we want to commit to in a big way each month.

  1. Restoration- my church. It’s a multi-cultural church-plant in the inner city. My husband and I are grateful to be part of the leadership. We love the mission and that 50% of the tithe gets poured back into our local community!
  2. Pregnancy Help Center- this is a local ministry in my town that I love! They help women who have experienced an unexpected pregnancy- they provide counseling, parenting classes, and resources.
  3. iBloom Gives – did you know that we have a nonprofit at iBloom? We do, but we haven’t done much with it yet. That’s changing. We want to continue to have a BIG impact in women’s lives- especially those women who desperately want what we have to offer at iBloom, but don’t have the financial resources to invest. We want to provide business microloans to women who need a hand up to get started. And, we want to anonymously bless women from our iBloom Community!
  4. Refuge for Women- this is a ministry helping women leave the adult entertainment industry. They provide a 1-year residential program to help women get back on their feet, develop life skills, and prepare for a new career.
  5. Teen Challenge- this is a 1-year recovery program for men and women struggling with substance abuse.

The RIGHT side is the iBloom Oasis. An oasis is “a fertile spot in a desert where water is found.” God has given me a vision that this beautiful place (The iBloom Oasis) will have my family home, some family member’s homes, and an iBloom Retreat Center. It will be a place where women come to be inspired and where couples come to invest in their marriage. The iBloom Oasis will be that “fertile spot” in a dark world where hope and joy are found.

The Diamonds on the bottom RIGHT aren’t about jewelry. Instead, they represent the 25+ women that I’ll get to mentor. The top rank in Plexus is Diamond and I want to help 25+ women reach this rank. As each woman moves up the ranks making her way to Diamond, then it’s fulfilling my vision for the LEFT side of the board, so together we can make a big difference. I’m praying now for the 25+ women who will be Diamond. This is a woman who:

  • KNOWS that God created her for something more
  • Has a stirring that she’s supposed to make a big difference in the world
  • Is longing for more time and financial freedom
  • Is determined to succeed and will work with tenacity toward her dreams and goals
  • Would love to get paid while getting healthy & helping others do the same
  • Hasn’t found her perfect spot just yet
  • Would love to be part of our iBloom culture & have me as her business mentor

Are you about to jump out of your seat because I’ve just described YOU?! If so, click here and let’s connect!

I love how everything on my vision board fits together! Each piece is a significant part of the vision God has given me. And, the same will be true with yours. If you’re interested in creating a vision board, start with getting really clear on your WHY (Recommended Resource: Why Your WHY Matters), then create a visual to keep you inspired and motivated (Recommended Resource: How to Create Your Vision Board).


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