4 Solutions to Make your 2019 Goals a Success

Have you ever found yourself in the exact same place year after year? If so, I can absolutely relate. In fact, that’s exactly how I was feeling as 2018 ended. I had made some progress toward my goals, but I hadn’t officially checked anything off my list. I was feeling quite defeated. However, I decided that this year would be different. I have some BIG 2019 goals that I’m determined to make a reality!

Here are the things that I’m doing this year to ensure that my 2019 goals are a success.

Create Clearly Defined Goals

I love Michael Hyatt‘s framework for creating SMARTER goals. He says that goals need to be:

  • Specific enough to focus and direct your energies.
  • Measurable so you can keep track of your progress.
  • Actionable with clear initiating verb that prompts specific activity.
  • Risky enough to leverage our natural tendency to rise to challenges.
  • Time-keyed so you’re prompted exactly when to act.
  • Exciting enough to inspire and harness the power of your intrinsic motivation.
  • Relevant within the overall context of your life.

Here are a few examples of my SMARTER 2019 goals:

  • Workout 7x a week for 100 days starting 1/13/19-4/23/19. (Hopefully by then it will be an installed habit. It not, I’ll continue to track it until it is!)
  • Write one blog and send one email to our iBloom followers every week in 2019.

Each of these goals reflects the SMARTER framework and it makes it easier to know exactly what I have to do to accomplish the goal.

Envision Success

It’s important to connect with our goals on an emotional level. I challenge you to fast forward and act as if each of your goals have been accomplished. Then, answer these questions:

  • What are you celebrating?
  • How do you feel?
  • How is your life (and business) different?
  • Who has been impacted?
  • What are you most proud of?

Don’t rush through this! Instead take the time to really feel what it will be like to accomplish each of your 2019 goals. Then, I’d encourage you to re-read what you’ve written every week to remind yourself why you’re working toward this goal. I love this quote that I heard this weekend, “If you can’t see it, then why would you ever work for it” Brooke Hemmingway

Another strategy for envisioning success is to create a vision board. I love to have a visual of my goals to inspire me daily.

Identify One Next Step

Contrary to what I used to teach, you don’t need the whole plan for how your 2019 goals will become a reality. Instead you just need to know that immediate next step to take. Then, once you’ve taken it, identify the next step. And, so on! Don’t be paralyzed from taking action because you’re trying to create the perfect strategy. Instead, take one action at a time. Small, consistent action toward a goal can create momentum toward accomplishing your 2019 goals.

Create a Daily Routine

It’s important to keep our goals at the forefront of our mind on a daily basis. I’ve started a new daily routine that I’m loving. I got this fun, inspiring journal and each morning, I write out each of my goals for the year. Then, I ask myself this question: What do I need to do today to get me closer to accomplishing these goals? It’s so simple, but it’s been a game changer to ensure that I’m doing something everyday to work toward my 2019 goals. Then, my favorite part is highlighting the things from the list as I accomplish it throughout the day. It’s amazing how focused and productive I am on the important tasks, simply so I can experience the joy of highlighting the task as completed. (Yes, I’m a bit of a nerd!)

I’d love to know one of your 2019 goals and how I can be praying for you!



  • Kendra

    January 17, 2019 at 5:05 pm

    Thank you for this inspiring & motivating post, Kelly!
    My goal for 2019 is to declutter our entire house. There are a few sub- goals that support this: regular purging, organization, new habits & routines. I actually realized today that “routines” are the true goal, because a clean house never stays that way!

  • Donna Thomas

    January 24, 2019 at 2:56 pm

    I love this!! So inspiring and motivating!! Thank you for your prayers and generous heart!!

  • Elizabeth

    January 24, 2019 at 3:29 pm

    I greatly appreciate Michael’s SMARTER goals approach, vs. SMART goals. I think it’s very important to have the last ‘E’ & ‘R’ as part of the goal making process. Also, I love the way you have incorporated your yearly goals into your daily To-Dos. Fantastic idea!!
    One of my goals for 2019 is to contact at least three retail stores with product pitches by March 31. I already have one of those stores contacted, and am preparing the order for delivery! Yeah!!

  • Sheri Jacoby

    January 25, 2019 at 11:50 am

    I love this. Thank you for the inspiration. My goal for 2019 is to invite joy into my every day life.

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